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Share info about yourself(AND REGISTER TO THE EVENT)

ron at come2play.com

Game designer/developer, Founder/CEO at Untame Games 




Email(or other contact info)



Oded Sharon 

Hard core game developer for casual and adveture gamers, recent endavours: Pizza Morgana!

gameunconf at odedsharon dot com  

CEO of Corbomite Games, making episodic adventure games.

Also coordinator of IGDA Israel chapter and active within the Israeli game development industry.

Loves experimantal gameplay, guitar hero/rock band, world of warcraft, and of course adventure games.

An all round geek with multiple interests which includes mashup electronics, phyics, piloting, fireworks, music, and US TV sitcoms. 


Oren Weizman 

Game Producer, Game Development Forum Admin 

oren shtroodel De-Panther.com 

MMOG, Community games, Facebook games 


Yuval Sapir

Past and Future Game Developer

yuval dot sapir at gmail dot com

Game infrastructure, MMO servers, cloud computing


Doron Nir



Game Design, MMOs, Social Games,


Guy Bendov 

Guy Bendov 




Yossi Vardi 





Roy Man

Hard Core Casual Gamer

Founder http://saveanalien.com

Teach at IDC  "Introduction to computer games development" using Flex.



roy (et) saveanalien (nekuda) com.


Interested in helping any person who would like to build and develop the israelli Game Scene (by developing successfull games - less by talking about it)

& Really into monetizing games on social networks.



Guy Nesher

Independent game developer and Unity3d enthusiast


Playing games. Creating Games. Making Money (not necessarily in the same order)


Tsahi Liberman 



Indie game developer for years, using flash\flex, Unity3D, Silverlight and many more.

Focusing on educational game design and development.

Founder of Ari-games, new game studio for israeli games ( website will be here soon :) 


I love role-playing games, since the early days - eye of the beholder and primitive text muds till WoW & DnD online of nowdays.  always looking for partners for games to be made in israel, to make this industry successful and proud as i think it should be - this is the time to create and prosper ( wow i sound like a vulcan....)

My game studio  mainly focus on educational games and activisim, but is also doing game projects of all sorts and geners.

10  Michael Rosen


michael at tacticsoft dot net
Founder of Tacticsoft, makers of Battle Dawn
11  Simon Reisman  An enthusiastic gamer and amateur game designer for 20 years simon dot reisman at gmail dot com  Innovative Experiences, Immersive Interactions, Grdoundbraking Gameplay and Pure Fun

Orgad Arbel aka 'Doctor Shinobi' 


a gamer,a beginner C++ DirectX programmer,  orgadarbel@gmail.com 

i like creating stuff,playing stuff, chargin laz0rz and surfing the interwebz.


13  Tzahi Wolkowicz  Gamer, tech blogger, Mediagame worker.  zedprime@gmail.com  Co-founder of Techvibe.co.il, working on various projects. Will bring consoles and stuff together with my boss - Itzik Bavati (Mediagame CEO). 
14  Eli Ben-Ami
Gaming technology enthusiast, hard core game developer
elibenami at acm.org

Game Developmet, 3D Computer Graphics, , Embedded Systems Software Development, Code Optimization, Reverse Engineering

15  Dudi Peles
16  Ehud Rosenberg
A soccer dwarf
ehud at playedonline.com
An avid gamer and developer - hoping to be a part of a real casual games scene in Israel
17  Itamar Weisberg
It doesn't exist if you don't talk about it
Founder of Hamis'hakia- The Hebrew Gaming Podcast. gamer, reviewer and renaissance man.

Ohad Ouziel


Ideas are a dime a dozen, solutions are priceless   oo at netvision.net.il  I'm a writer, content developer and creative manger in media new and old (television). Coming with an open mind to hear and mingle, help out in what I can, and get some help for what I may need.    
19  nimrod lehavi
you cant stop the signal
it's a long list... come on...
20 Ido Tal I create stuff ido@wecreatestuff.com Games :)

Aviv Revach

Co-Founder, Senior Business Manager, Mo'Minis avivr@mominis.com

Casual games, mobile games, robotics.

My company, Mo'Minis, offers a cool platform for the fast development of mobile games & entertainment apps. All created games/apps are automatically support by a wide range of handsets.


I also organize MobileMonday Tel-Aviv, a global community of mobile industry visionaries, developers and influentials

22  Dmitry K  Gamer, beginner game developer, Programmer    I am a programmer, I like to program in C++ but I also know C, C#, Java and Assembly. Recently I began to learn game development and started with OpenGL. I also like to play games especially RPG's and MMORPG's :)
23  Guy Ulmer
Finally developing an XNA game
guyulmer at gmail

Games, Industry and the Israeli games industry.

Apparently connected to the 23 Enigma


Elad Bachar Eilat


Head of game, orange Israel  elad.bachar@orange.co.il   
25  Oren Bartal

Game developer/programmer, both for PC and Mobile.


Check out my games at http://www.potato-factory.com


I mostly develop puzzle games that have weird twists and require a different kind of thinking.


I love 2D platform games and cross genre games in general.

Yes. I play a lot.



Raz Friedman 

I love flash games and pureMvc...  raz (et) saveanalien (nekuda) com   
27 Eli Elhadad  VP Game Development at Omek interactive  personal email address My LinkedIn profile 
28  Zvi Rabinovich  Coding is "90 percent finished" for half of the total coding time. Debugging is "99 percent complete" most of the time. "Planning complete" is an event one can proclaim almost at will  

Co-Found & VP R&D @ Mo'Minis


Gamer at heart.

Interested in cutting-blidding-edge technologies



29  Alon Kadury
M.Sc in computer science, Team leader, C* lang', Flight simulators rocks!
kadualonexposed@replacethis.com with gmail

Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Flight simulators.

My site http://www.alonkadury.com


Yaron Yanai


Creative director at Omek Interactive by day, gamer by night (and a father the rest of the time)
my Email

If it's moving, shoot it. 

If it's not moving, shoot it just in case.

If it's still there, try a rocket launcher, it usually works.


31  Yamit Hagar

QA Manager + engineer


For now freelancing on some online poker game, very pretty one, and QAing the Pizza Morgana of Corbomite Games!!
32 Aron Cohen
consulatant and problem solver
aron (at) azureclear (nekuda) com
CEO of software consultancy, we've helped on problems ranging from mathematical issues to multi-threading to viral distribution...
33 Ze'ev Russak Mathmatical software developer
zeev *at* azureclear *dot* com
 CTO of software consultancy, majoring in complex scientific, business and mathematical problems

Roy Shapira



Game Designer 


CEO of Space Cowboys Studio 



skype: joubei
msn:  joubei@windowslive.com

Game Designer  and CEO of Space Cowboys Studio,

making triple-A title with the CryENGINE2 by Crytek.


love every genre and all games.


"we are only limited by our imagination"
"its all a question of time and pressure"

35 Guy Eilam 

Computer Engineer

Designing games in XNA

guy (et) rockdwellers (dot) com 

Games, games, and more games. Loves classic Sierra quests. Really enjoys a good modern action (FPS/TPS) game. and generally will like to play every game I come across.

A beginner game designer... (oh well, nobody's perfect)

36 Yael Hakshurian    yael dot haksh at gmail dot com   
37 Renana Yacobi
newbie game developer for the parpg open source project
renana dot yacobi at gmail dot com
Loves RPG and programming, now combining the two.
38 Yotam Noy  Game designer/producer for eyeSight Mobile  yotman at gmail dot com   
39  Yuval Markovich Game Developer and co-founder at Nitako Games - devs of RastaMonkey for iPhone  uvmarko@nitako.com 

Developing Games, Creating Movies and Animations, Making Music

40 Tamar Goldberg  Programmer  me at tamarg dot com   

Eran Shalmon 


Bsc Computer Science  Student  eransh22@yahoo.com 

Love PC Games.

a HaRDcOrE GAMER & QA Specialist :)

42 Near Privman

"People will always put more stock in what you have to say if you present it as a quote of a respectable persona."

-Winston Churchill

privman at gmail
innovative game design
43 Erez Naveh  www.Come2Play.com VP of R&D   erez@come2play.com  Multiplayer flash game designer 
44 Amir Shwartz  Developer @ Come2play.com  amir@come2play.com  Platform and meta game development 
45 Ofir Weinstein  Developer @ Come2play.com  ofir@come2play.com  Multiplayer flash games developer 
46 Chaya Soggot
Virtual currency monetization - world wide

Sonya Novosolov

Graphic Artist @ Mytopia.com

MMORPGs, casual and facebook flash games, Art



Shlomi Grandes 


CEO & Co-Founder at Trixcell Ltd.

Founder of Grandes Media Group Ltd.

grandes@trixcell.com  Entertainment Innovations...

Rafael Mizrahi




Its all about "experience factor":

VP Commnuity & Content, Co Founder @ Mo'Minis
51 Anna Kuznetsov

Roee Avramot


Professional Game Designer at Tweegee.com

Game designer at Tweegee.com.
My main emphasis is on the design process of games, from playability concepts through directing their realization with the programming team and the graphic designers team. I also direct the design process of the Tweegee worlds MMO.

53 Ziv Barber
54 Uri Gordon
PhD student
AI and machine learning, Augmented Reality. Gaming platforms.
55 Yami Glick
Founder @ Vikido
Flash-based games for kids
56 Elad Shapira
    Developer & Reverser
57 Jonathan Klinger
jonklinger [at] gmail.com
Practicing and blogging about legal technologies.

(In Picture: Barak Harel x3)




Future game designer (@Shenkar).




games {at}  barakharel.com




Designing, Programing, Gaming and everything in between. 

59 Nir Yom Tov Developer   onentwoo {at} gmail thingy  Programming 

Matan Poreh

Flash Designer & Developer @ playfullShark/Pisoft

Designing, coding, gaming , sometimes seperately and sometimes all at once ,.

whould like to join people in the advanture of making exciting new games!


Yaron Levi 

Bsc Computer Science  Student  yaronLevi02@gmail.com   

Benyamin Shoham

Casual gamer, computer programmer, Internet weasel.
MMORPGs and educational gaming
63 Yossi Elran  Zemed     
64 Oded Margalit  IBM research's PuzzleMaster  oded.margalit@gmail.com  .sevol selddir 
65 Yuval Kohavi
yuval [at] anibo-soft.com
The fun of creation
66 Asaf Sela
67 Or Ben-Naftali
Virtual Currency
68 Yagel Kohavi
new in the world of programming
yagel [at] anibo-soft.com
J2ME Apps, Web games...

Yifat Turbiner 


IBM, Business Ecosystem Leader (GTU) tyifat@il.ibm.com   
70 Vadim Talis  PhD in Technology Education  tаlisv@yаhоо.сом  Computer-embedded toys 
71 Or Alterman  Game design student at Shenkar / Culture Chief Editor at ynet or.alterman@gmail.com  Games and Game Design, Music, Photography, Toys and Art
72 Alon Bitton  Tokenads.com  Alon@tokenads.com  Virtual currency 

Hanan @VRider Gazit, PhD


CEO @MetaverSense


Virtual Worlds Design for Biz Branding & Edu, Serious Games, Second Life, Game Studies
74 Yotam "J.O.T" Rosenfeld  Game designer/producer at Corbomite Games  yjotr@hotmail.com  wrecking havoc, kittens 
75 Shachar Oz  interactive instructional design, augmented reality, game design  shachar.oz at gmail.com 

making new and interesting UI,

adjusting hardware to the UI needs,

connection between education and learning with games 

76 Erez Rosenbloom
Former Funtactix, currently working on creating a small studio, new game is coming up!
Stuff and things.
77 Galit Antebi
Game Design
galit at ecosoft dot co dot il

Game Design

Mobile Game development

78 Liran Egozi  Tacticsoft's game developer, designer and programmer  liran@tacticsoft.net  
79 Vica Melamed
80 Dor Tumarkin  Total hardcore gaming dweeb, future development hopeful, pleb. knives123@gmail.com  Old-school games, anything and everything gaming related.
81 Aur Saraf
The Square of Nine
Emergent complexity from simple rules - in code, design, art, society and in myself

Avi Pinto


Curious developer, painter, newbie sculptor.

programming,painting,sculpting and building stuff.
Basically i enjoy the creation and even more when people enjoy using it.

And i get addicted to every game i can put my hands on

83 Yevgeni Kabishcher  Flash/Flex developer 


game development and game design.

Nir Miretzky 

Video Game based TV Content Producer 


nir [at] thegamers.tv 

Years of experience in Video Games culture: Import, Commerce and Self-Consumption.

Founder @ "TheGamers.TV", a production house for international Video Game based TV Channels

Co-producer/co-host @ the "Hamishakia"

Playing Red Faction Guerrilla & Batman AA right now

85 JJ Lehmann  Hobbyist  jetjayjay@gmail.com  Nasty little kid who tries to dip his fingers into as much of the game development cake as possible. 



Almog Koren "Almog Design"


Interactive Developer/Designer specializing in Flash, Flex, Web, Adobe Air, 3D Experiences, and Mobile Devices. 


And of course a gammer...





Flash, touch screens, interactive, games, UX & Interaction Design, Scuba diving  

87 Efrat Kotler
IBM Marketing & Social Media
88 Raphael Fogel
89 Yoram Lichtenstein  Yoram Lichtenstein, Advocates yoram[at]y-law.co.il 

Gamer. Lawyer.

Specializing in Internet and IP law and loves game-development related issues.

Find me at http://www.y-law.co.il 

Oh, and thanks to me you may be able to watch free football on the Net :-)

90 Ahuva Kamar
IBM Ecosystem Alliance Manager (GTU)
91 Tzach Livyatan
System Engineer
92 Amnon Heiman  Software development     
93 Saar Golde
Chief (virtual) economist, Gaia Online
94 Chen Itzhaki
Co-Founder, ExecYou
95 Ofer Talmor
Co-Founder, ExecYou
96 Zvy Sharir
Entrepreneur and gamer
Gaming, casual online games, ARG, ORPG, old school quests, online communities.
97 Erez Perlmuter  Dopa Music  erez@dopamusic.com  Games soundtrack and how they influence the gamers 
98 Gil Dabah    arkon [[at]] ragestorm.net Binary code analysis

Shahar Nash


Architect, 3d artist and game designer.

founder of pigzonline



Developing 3d environments for games and animation.

interested in gaming projects.

founder of pigzonline-a free browser based mmo coming soon...

co-founder of "simulacra designs"-interactive web and game design studio based in tel-aviv 

100 Eyal  Livnat Founder, Sport Virtual World for Kids eyal-niv@zahav.net.il   

Adiel Gur

Founder of Pandora Game studios.
adielgur at gmail.com
3D Graphics Programming, Network protocol design and programming, realtime browser integrated MMORPG creation and development.

Haim Maik


Founder of Pandora Game studios.

3D world and gameplay designer. 

haimmaik @ hotmail.com

3D Graphics Designer. Meshes, animations, terrains.

Scripts, Items lists and gameplay supervisor.

A browser integrated MMO(A)RPG creation.

103 Ofir Leitner  Mobile Gaming  ofir.leitner@gmail.com   
104 Izikon  Flash game are the future!  izikon@gmail.com  a hardcore game developing , also wannabe in secret a 3D game developer, well some day maybe a game director.... 
105 Naor Mark  ex- & present entrepeneur  naor@naormark.com  and a father of a teen gamer:) 
106 Shalom K  Client Manager at www.vindiaservices.com  shalom@vindia.co.il   
107 Yuval Ziv
108 Tamar Hayat  Designer  tamarck@gmail.com  Design Design Design 
109 Or Karlinsky
Flash Programmer
110 Moti Malka


111 Roy Tzayag
112 Oren Sofrin
113 Ze'ev Russak
azure clear
zeev at azureclear.com
114 Noam Gat  3D  Programmer  noamgat at gmail dot com  Competitive player and 3d programmer 
115 Shahar Zrihen
Proffesional Technical Problems Solver. iWorkshop creator
iPhone, Interactive games/apps (with tangible objects), electronics.
116 Yoni Fraimorice
Games.co.il Co-Founder


Gamer and entrepreneur
117 Damian Fraimorice
Games.co.il Founder & CEO
118 Limor Shani  VP Content 3dtv.co.il  limi@3dtv.co.il  Gamer, Artist & future game creator 
119 Ori Cohen
3D Game Modeler, AI programmer
Art (3D, 2D, Traditional) & Artificial Intellgence http://www.oricohen.com
120 Alon Tzarafi
i make games
121 Goldy

It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye
Fun and games
122 DaniGmaN
Yaniv Peer


yanivpeer at gmail dot com
Game developer at Tacticsoft
124 Uri Marchand
CEO at OverWolf.com
info (at) overwolf.com
125 Yossi Koren
CTO at OverWolf.com
info (at) overwolf.com
Gaming industry entrepreneurship & development.
126 Oren Kraimer
Board at OverWolf.com
info (at) overwolf.com

Gil Or


Developer at OverWolf.com
info (at) overwolf.com
Sadly or happily -> gaming is my life!
128 Alon Rabinovitz Developer at OverWolf.com info (at) overwolf.com
129 Avner Peled  Game developer at Tacticsoft



Making people's adrenaline gland work overtime
130 daniel Rozenberg
Game designer in hibernation
losing an eye
131 Evron Yehoshua Game infrastructure developer evronyehoshua@hotmail.com Founder and CEO of Bluesecure
132 Avi Zalk  Gamer & SW developer  avi.zalk at gmail.com  Making a hobby into a profession
133 Hen Mazolski I will end you and everything you love. henmazolski@gmail.com Gaming, Developing, Modding, Flash
134 Lior Levin Entrepreneur dude liorleviner ( at ) gmail (dot) com Making facebook games
135 Tal Melenboim
Tal Melenboim  
SCORE:plug - http://www.scoreplug.com tal@scoreplug.com Any destination site offering Flash games can use SCORE:plug to access and display game scores and thus power scoreboards and build communities surrounding the games, without requiring game developers to make modifications to their games.
136 Simon Grinberg hmmmm? sluzky@gmail.com Gaming, and other stuff, but it's a secret
137 Baruch Ben-Ari www.mygames.co.il admin@mygames.co.il Casual 3d games
138 Michal Ben-Ari www.mygames.co.il admin@mygames.co.il Casual 3d games 
139 Shachar Tal Avid gamer and technologist at heart  shachar@gridify.com CTO of a stealth startup. looking for our lead client developer (with expertise in kickass UX) 
140 Shay Davidson, Indigon Designer in my own-made label, Indigon Flash Studio indigon@indigonflash.com Making Flash games
141 Alon dor Programmer and game designer alon@alon.com Gaming, Java programming, MMOs
142 Yoad Snapir Programmer yoad@pisoft.co.il  
143 Michael Liberman VP R&D at Skiller Games michael@skiller-games.com Mobile/Casual/Multiplayer/Realtime gaming.
144 Nir Orpaz CTO at Skiller Games nir@skiller-games.com Mobile multiplayer gaming.
145 Nitzan Weidenfeld Super Programmer at Skiller Games nitzan@skiller-games.com  
146 Tsahi Tobol

Game Designer

My Blog:


147 Ron Gura @rongura ron@giftsproject.com CEO & Co-Founder at The Gifts Project
148 Matan Bar   matan@giftsproject.com COO & Co-Founder at The Gifts Project 
149 Erez Dickman   erez@giftsproject.com CTO & Co-Founder at The Gifts Project 
150 Yarin Hochman Creative geek, blogger, yarinh.hochman@gmail.com

Co-founder of Techvibe.co.il, working on various projects.

151 Eri Rubin CG developer, animator erdooom ... gmail.com

Project manager at OptiTex LTD.

152 Ari Oster Entrepreneur ari@eripio.com Entrepreneur
153 Rafi Michaeli I play with my food  rafi [at] klugshaft [dot] com Biz Dev Guy.
154 omer nainudel concept art, animation omer.nainudel  at gmail.com http://www.freewebs.com/omer-n/

Or-Tal Kiriati


“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” Ben Franklin or_tal at yahoo dot com

Entrepreneur connecting games into education, converting education into games.

Blogger: http://or-tal.com/

156 Nir Idan  Designer  niridan at gmail.com RPG, adventure and stategy. Designer at Corbomite games. 
157 Ira Abramov  Idea guy, Blogger seefood at Gmail  Brain ticklers, Social change through games, Cognitive games that make learning fun and robust 
158 Sharon Shmorak  Programmer, Philosopher  sharon.shmorak at Gmail  Fun, brains, social change 
159 Ron Zaidman  Developer @ Come2play.com  ron at come2play.com  Social games 
160 Amit Shvil CTO at Mogobe.com shvilam@gmail.com  
161 Assaf Vaknin  Biz Dev @ SupersonicAds 

emailassaf at Gmail 

MMO, Social Games, Virtual Worlds, Micro Transactions, Virtual Currency  
162 Noa Vichansky  2D artist, game designer, illustrator, comics creator, RPG hardcore gamer.  noavic@gmail.com 

Comics, Game Art, History,

Roleplaying games, Casual gaming 

163 Ilya Agron   ilya@playedonline.com online casual games, social networks
164 Limor Tabeka 

Art Director and founder of Prototype Design studio 

co-founder PiGZ online

limor_tabeka(at)yahoo.com  GUI expert ,Animation, hardcore gamer 
165 Dotan roitman Game developer at keshet-tv. Designer and programmer of casual games for the web (flash) and micro devices (j2me).
And of course, an enthusiastic gamer!

Gadi Raz

Sound designer for animation films, games, feature films, commercials, promos, and more




Ohad Barzilay

Game developer, Designer. GM @ Mytopia ohad -at- mytopia.com  
168 Erez Yerushalmi Gaming and New Media Executive erezyerush at gmail.com  
169 Itay Keren  Game designer/developer, Founder/CTO at Untame Games  itay at untame.com   
170 Adi Targownik Animator, 3D Generalist, Flash/Web Designer aditar@gmail.com Animation, Casual and Hard-Core Gaming, Art and Design
171 Uri Golan  uri at untame.com    
172 Rodik Hanukaev Gamer, Programmer,  and general enthusiast. rodik at techvibe.co.il Programming, Web-Development.
173 Dolo Gal-Or Programming and Gaming in spare time. kilguril at gmail.com Development
174 shani lustgarten  graphic designer, entrepreneur  shani.lus@gmail.com   


Musician  & Sound designer nivgo@nivgo.info  Creates original Music & sound effects for video games, animations & Movies
176 Danny Leizerovich  3d artist and game designer in the making. Beit berl college  graduate. danny.lez@gmail.com  Play video games Wii PC PS2 - fps ,party games ,action and shootin'. 
177 Ronen Malamud  Games distributer & entrepreneur  Ronen@playDgame.com  sports games, social games & any game you think it's unique. 
178 Dan Naim Stam Bachor nechmad :) dannaim@gmail.com  
179 Daniel Meir Computer Science/English lit student. Hopeful game designer danielm82@gmail.com  
180 Uri Admon  Mobile Lego Kid, Dyuna, Member of "man on the moon" @106fm.co.il  uri@dyuna.com   
181 Ori Hanegby  Game Developer and technologist  ori dot hanegby at gmail dot com   
182 Oren Levi Game Designer orenpond@gmail.com  

184 Gili Zeevi UX Designer gili.zeevi@gmail.com  
185 Yuval Goldstein Rehabilitated strategy games addict yuvalgo@gmail.com  
186 Tamar Abrahams  UX Designer  miss.abrahams@gmail.com   
187 Yehuda Ben Simon  M.Sc in Compuer Science. Computer Graphics, Game Development   mage.elf@gmail.com  Did some simple Playstation 2 homebrew coding, 2D/3D animation
188 Barak Ben Eliezer  XIV  bbarak@il.ibm.com   
189 אמרי גולדברג CodeGuru-er  lorgandon@gmail.com   


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Hey... ,Nice to meet you all.

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